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Be the hardest worker in the arena.

Let's show up for ourselves like we do for our horses.

Unlock your potential in the arena by becoming the best version of yourself!

We invest so much time, energy & money into our horses' tack, feed & fitness, but many horse owners do not do the same for their own well-being. 

You don't have to be the fittest or most athletic.

All I ask is that you work to become 1% better each day.

No Bounds Wellness is about so much more than weight loss; it's about becoming stronger, achieving your goals while eating the foods you love and living a balanced lifestyle, both in and out of the arena.

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No Bounds Wellness Membership

Efficient & effective exercise focused on improving strength, balance and mobility to benefit you in and out of the arena.

A community of driven, likeminded individuals with a common goal of focusing on self-improvement & becoming a stronger rider. 

There are no physical prerequisites and modifications will be provided for all fitness levels. 

Nutrition + mindset + accountability.

8-Week Personalized Nutrition Coaching

​I personally understand how big of an impact eating habits can have on confidence in riding and life in general. Through my own experience and education, I have found balance in my nutrition while living a busy life on the go. 

Let's work together to ditch the yo-yo dieting and create real, lasting results through these 8 weeks working closely together where you will gain the knowledge & confidence to build healthy eating habits & achieve lasting results.

No fad diets.

No foods are off limits.



MacKenzie B.

The group atmosphere has given me the motivation to get up, get the workout done, and check in with the group, even on the hard to get out of bed days! 

This is the first program that I've been able to consistently stick to, ever!

I love the way my clothes fit after a couple months in this program and I can't wait to keep at it.

Lori S.

 24-minute workouts and I can do them on the road! I feel more toned and have gained muscle. The best part is that I have way more energy!

The women in this group are so great and encouraging! We all have our own goals, and it feels like I have my own group of workout buddies.

No Bounds Wellness has given me the tools and support to help me manage my health with the crazy lifestyle we live. I notice that I have more energy, I am stronger, I sleep better, and my balance has improved in my riding. Just as much as our horses are athletes, we need to do our part, too.

Carla P.

No Bounds Wellness, with Kollie Bound

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1

NASM Certified Macro Nutrition Coach

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