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Nutrition Coaching Transformations + Testimonials

July 2020.jpg

July 2020

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August 2021

"Working with Kollie allowed me to meet many of my weight loss goals, but more importantly it gave me skills and knowledge that will allow me to continue working towards a healthy lifestyle! Previously I had tried a handful of fad diets with little to no success-mostly because I couldn't stick to these plans long term. With Kollie's help, I learned that I don't have to sacrifice all of the foods I love, as long as I find balance and develop healthy habits. I now have a better relationship with the scale and food, and I have learned to focus on the long-term progress made up of all the small goals met.

Making some lifestyle changes helped me be a better jockey for my horses. I was able to keep up with my horse during his powerful turns and I finally felt like I was riding my horse like he deserved!"

- MacKenzie B.

"Kollie was an amazing coach throughout our 20 weeks together, her emails were always a highlight of my week, she was kind, encouraging, and supportive and helped me feel confident about myself and trusting the process. I had always thought that because I'm so tiny (5'1), I was that person who needed to live with 1,200 calories, anymore, and I would gain weight/fat. Oh boy, was I wrong. I'm now eating +2,000 calories, maintaining my weight, but more importantly, enjoying my life and it's all thanks to her! She completely helped me change my mindset, every week I could see my relationship with food, with the scale and my weight, improving. I'm so glad I took the leap and trusted her with my nutrition. One of the key things I've learned: consistency. Not every day it's going to be easy or perfect, but if you give up because of that, you'll never get anywhere. "

- Nicole S.

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March 2021

May 2021

"Working with Kollie has been the easiest/most effective way I have been able to stay on track and lose weight without depriving myself of food or alcohol.  This is saying a lot as I have literally tried everything!  I've done two bikini body building competitions and have never been able to reverse correctly because everything was extremely strict or I was left to my defenses on recipes/meal ideas.  This spiraled into me gaining weight quickly and not being able to come back from it.  Shortly after my last competition I had back-to-back pregnancies 16 months apart and I was not happy with my body post-partum.  I stumbled across Kollie on Instagram and decided to reach out.  After working with Kollie everything became so easy.  She helped me with my meals and with going out to eat & having room for alcohol while still seeing progress. During my cut phase the weight just kept coming off and I was amazed.  I work out from home doing quick 30-40 min workouts with my dumbbells, so nothing extreme or crazy.  I was nervous about reversing but Kollie kept me on track and explained the entire process to me while going through it and to my surprise I gained very minimal weight back.  I strongly recommend Kollie to anyone who wants to lose weight without feeling super overwhelmed or restricted on your foods or drinks... she's literally amazing."

- Chelsie T.

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March 2021

July 2021

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'When I first started working with Kollie I had just come off a very restrictive macro plan.  I was struggling between wanting to continue to cut to reach my goal and living in maintenance to give my body a rest. Kollie designed a plan that allowed me to eat more food and still be in a deficit.  I really enjoyed the weekly check in process, despite having weeks when I was struggling with mindset. She is great at reframing situations to help illuminate the positives and learning opportunities.  What I found most helpful was the transition to maintenance.  It was the first time I had gone through this process, and it was really hard to wrap my head around it. She had so much patience with me and really helped me to understand the processes. She is always there when I had questions or just needed words of encouragement."  

- Erin F.

"Kollie 100% changed my life! I was going through life eating what I thought was healthy, followed by binges of unhealthy food. I wanted to learn more about eating healthy, balanced meals and to be able to pass eating well onto my children. Not only did she share easy recipes and sample meal plans, but she set up very attainable fitness goals. She is always quick to answer questions and always very upbeat and encouraging; even when I thought I had a bad week she was able to sneak in highlights to make it better! I learned so much about healthy eating, but also how to incorporate my favorite foods so I wouldn’t end up binging later. Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made."

- Beth J.

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